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    Immigration Evaluations

    If you’re an immigration client, your attorney may have suggested that you complete an immigration evaluation to help strengthen and support your case.

    Maybe you’re scared and worried, and maybe you’ve never been to a therapist before. You may even wonder if this evaluation will really make a difference with your case.

    While we can’t promise specific results or outcomes, we know that the chances of your case being approved doubles if you have a psychological evaluation.

    Our Clinical Evaluations Support the Following Types of Cases:


    For extreme hardship waivers or cancellation of removal cases, a psychological evaluation can be a powerful piece of evidence to show that a relative would suffer extreme hardship if they were separated from the applicant or if the relative leaves the US and relocates to another country to remain with the applicant.


    In asylum cases, we will ask about the events that led you to flee your country. This can be difficult to talk about but everything you say will be kept in the strictest of confidence. You set the pace of the evaluation and don't have to answer anything you don’t want to. We document what you say and assess the impact that the events had on your emotional and psychological wellbeing. We have extensive experience in trauma survivors, and most of all we want you to feel safe, understood, and know that you'll never have to explain your feelings or feel embarrassed to tell us your story.


    In VAWA cases, a psychological evaluation can evaluate the extent of the spousal abuse and the emotional and psychological impact that the abuse had on you.

    U VISA

    In a U visa case, a psychological evaluation is to evaluate the psychological effects of a serious crime.

    T VISA

    In a T visa case, an evaluation assesses the psychological and emotional effects of having been a victim of human trafficking.


    $1,500.00/ Immigration Evaluation

    The fee for an immigration valuation is $1,500 which includes the clinical interview, the written report, communicating with your lawyer, reviewing, and additional documentation. As a courtesy to all clients, we send a copy directly to your lawyer as well as a copy to you.

    Payment plans are available. You can divide the total fee into two payments. The first half of $750 is due before the appointment and the remainder can be paid when the report is completed.

    Expedited evaluations are available for an additional fee. We will not send the report to you or your attorney until the full payment is received.